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Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): Habitat For Humanity
Date: Nov 2013

This joint research aimed to provide detailed longitudinal evidence of the successes, failures and lessons from previous Christian Aid (CA) and Habitat for Humanity (HFH) emergency interventions...

Content Type: Resource

The current guidelines outlined in the current document, produced with substantial contributions from many National Societies, capitalize on the expertise developed within the Movement through a...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Nov 2018
Location: Pakistan

The approach of the One Room Shelter Programme that IOM (the UN Migration Agency) Pakistan implemented to meet the recovery needs of affected populations in 2010 marked a move away from the usual...

Content Type: Resource

Post-disaster reconstruction is a complex process. It requires multi-sectoral involvement, very significant resources and a wide range of skills. For a humanitarian agency the decision to engage...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): BRANZ
Date: Oct 2018

This resource highlights survey of the house conditions and comparison of house conditions by tenure. It covers the following topics: Introduction covering background of Brannz 2015 house...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): USAID
Date: Apr 2019
Location: Global

This resource offers practical guidance in managing the supply chain, with emphasis on health comodities. The handbook is particularly useful for program managers who design, manage, and assess...

Content Type: Resource

This document can also be found on the official website of the Government of Vanuatu - National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction at https...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Jun 2020
Location: India

This document can also be found on the official website of the Bureau of Indian Standards at
This standars are composed of three...

Content Type: Resource

This document may also be found on the International Dalit Solidarity Network library:
"Equality in Aid: Addressing Caste...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Feb 2014
Location: World

Special Issue 35, August 2007. Main sections: Vulnerable communities at the center of results, CBDRM as a disaster reduction approach is on a tipping point, communities as the base of disaster...