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 This resource described the rapid and effective urban shelter response is not just essential for survival and allivatiting suffering but also contributes to security, safety, health and well-...

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 Since more than 20 years refugees are living in 9 refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. The refugee have established refugee organised governance structures to self-govern the refugee...

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Date: Aug 2019
Location: Global

This step-by-step guide explains how to manage the two main types of CRS post-disaster or post-conflict construction: owner-driven and contractor-built. The guide is for non-construction...

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Date: Jul 2019
Location: Global

This edition of #GAR2019 is the first punctuation mark in the implementation of the Sendai Framework. It offers an update on progress made in implementing the outcome, goal, targets and priorities...

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Publisher(s): CARE International
Date: Dec 2008

This presentation covered topics including-

1. Introduction

2. Planning

3. Specification

4. Logistics

5. Construction

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Publisher(s): FLIR
Date: Jun 2019
Location: Worldwide

Want to learn how DroneThermal Mapping is transforming and driving growth for humanitarian operations?

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Publisher(s): University College
Date: Oct 2014

The World Reconstruction Conference 2 and the working documents, the Post Disaster Needs Assessment and the Disaster Recovery Framework, and the actions needing to be taken ahead of the conference...

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The "Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action", 2012, resource is a product of The Child Protection Working Group.  The...

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This training aims to plan IDP and refugee camps for the 5000 displaced persons as a request from the coordinating bodies.

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 This session will look at how risks from hazards are managed and can be mitigated