Workshop report Humanitarian timber, Barisal, Bangladesh

A one day workshop was held in Barisal Bangladesh on 7th February 2008. The workshop was funded by IFRC with support from the shelter working group in Barisal. The workshop was attended by over 90 participants from national and international NGOs, environmental groups, forestry department officials and industry. The workshop was split into two halves. In the morning focus was pointed at the existing literature and documentation on timber, specifically a review of the current draft of œTimber as a construction material in humanitarian operations?, and œshelter programming recommendationsœ, Cyclone Sidr Shelter Cluster. The afternoon focussed discussion on Bangladesh with recommendations on issues surrounding timber. There was also a presentation from Oxfam on community training on shelter. The timing of this workshop is to coincide with the planning of shelter programmes by various organisations. To meet the shelter needs of the cyclone affectees, as well as in the subsequent reconstruction, the majority of shelter and houses will use timber in some form. As timber is a naturally growing construction material, there is significant variation in size, quality, and types available, and sourcing can have significant environmental impacts. Other materials such as bamboo or bricks may be considered for future workshops.