Webinar - Enhancing Women’s Participation in Camp Governance – lessons learnt from the Women’s Participation Project, 2018

This webinar on Enhancing Women’s Participation in Camp Governance Structures, recorded on September 11th, 2018, is the result of a collaborative project between the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Women’s Refugee Commission (WRC). This Women's Participation Project webinar is part of a two-phase project in various camp and camp-like settings targeted at supporting opportunities for women’s equal and meaningful participation in camp governance structures (in Ecuador, Iraq, Nigeria, Philippines and South Sudan). The project, started in 2015, assessed how displaced men, women, and various at-risk groups, including adolescent girls and women and girls with disabilities, participated in camp life and camp decision-making processes, and explored strategies that could facilitate opportunities to increasing women and girls’ participation and improving their feelings regarding overall safety in the camp. The Women’s Participation Toolkit is the result of assessing the outcomes of these interventions as they relate to fostering women's and girls’ participation in camp life and camp governance, and whether their participation led to any changes to their perception of safety. The webinar aims to familiarize the audience with the Women's Participation Project and its key learning and recommendations, to explore the training resources and participatory tools in the Toolkit and how to use the Toolkit to promote women and girls’ participation in camp and camp-like settings. In addition, the webminar introduces the launching of the "Women in Displacement" online platform, a collaborative platform to share tools, discuss lessons learned, and build common vision towards enhancement of participation and inclusion of women and girls in displacement.  For further information on this project and others please visit, https://womenindisplacement.org/, where you can find out more about accessing toolkits and training.