Village Level Brickmaking

Over the years of working in Mozambique, a number of technical manuals were written by the authors to assist small-scale brickmaking units to produce good quality bricks. Those who used the manuals were from cooperatives, state companies, schools, district Public Works staff, development projects and individuals who had to make bricks because no other building material was available locally. Often they did not intend to continue to produce bricks indefinitely but had to produce enough bricks to build a school, clinic, dormitory, warehouse, etc. , so that they could continue with their other work. Because these people were not necessarily interested in becoming full-time brickmakers and often only wanted to produce enough bricks to build a certain number of buildings, they were not interested in investing in any substantial infrastructure such as permanent kilns or costly equipment. The information contained in those manuals has been translated and re-written in English and now forms a more comprehensive brickmaking manual.