UNHCR Glossary of Terms

This Master Glossary is a revised compilation of terms commonly used in UNHCR publications and expanded to incorporate several terms from the OCHA Glossary of Humanitarian Terms. The need for a uniform Glossary to be used throughout UNHCR, both at HQ and the field, has been identified upon the realisation that a number of UNHCR publications that are being issued contain a variety of different definitions and descriptions for the same concept. This creates an unclear and discordant situation which should be addressed by standardizing the usage of terminology. To ensure a consistent use of common terms throughout UNHCR, the management of the Glossary will be assumed by the Status Determination and Protection Information Section, which will be responsible for updating, correcting and adding terms as they become relevant. The Glossary will be a living document that will be adjusted according to contemporary developments. There is flexibility in the sense that, if deemed necessary, definitions can be changed upon consensus. What is important is that changes are applied globally and consistently.