The tsunami response - transitional shelter

The speaker reviews CRS transitional settlement response in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India after the 26th December 2004 tsunami. How these three countries operated with their available capacity and people. Identified issues like strategy development and the understanding of transitional solutions, land & zoning, site planning, and environmental impact were discussed.

proposal A reviewers: 5 participants: 1 collaborators: 4
Guidelines should be developed, reviewed and agreed for the transitional settlement of those affected by natural disasters.

proposal B reviewers: 2 participants: 5 collaborators: 1
Guidelines for participatory procedures for hazard risk assessment for disasters.

proposal C reviewers: 4 participants: 1 collaborators: 6
Workshop for defining criteria and capacity building for agencies on the ground/email working group.

proposal D reviewers: 0 participants: 0 collaborators: 4
Training programme for decision makers and government officials

proposal E reviewers: 4 participants: 1 collaborators: 0
A wood, and later other materials, toolkit and procurement manuals

proposal F
Information and dissemination on land tenure initiatives (ICLA/NRC)