The tsunami response - Rapid environmental assessment

The speaker presented the Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment in Disasters Tool, as the development and results of efforts to identify and begin addressing environmental issues related to transitional shelter in post-tsunami Sri Lanka. The project was jointly supported by UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit, CARE Sri Lanka and Catholic Relief Services.

Following are the proposals, which emerged from the workshop run around the presentation:

proposal A reviewers: 7 participants: 1 collaborators: 3
Inclusion of environmental assessment tools in sectoral guidelines for reconstruction after natural disaster. The rapid environmental assessment tool as first step to cross-cutting integration together with the Sphere environmental checklist.

proposal B reviewers: 4 participants: 2 collaborators: 2
Dissemination of environmental assessment tools through sectoral trainings

proposal C reviewers: 6 participants: 5 collaborators: 1
Identification of the worst hazards and their potential impacts on the lives of the local population in order to define the strategic approach that minimises their negative impacts.