The structure, role and mandate of civil protection in disaster risk reduction for South Eastern Europe

This document reviews the coordination of disaster mitigation, preparedness and response among the Civil Protection actors of South Eastern Europe (SEE), identifying needs both with respect to staff capacity and training and in terms of disaster risk reduction facilities, with a focus on preparedness and response. This report aims to review the capabilities and needs of the Civil Protection sectors of SEE countries and of three EU case studies, namely Italy, Slovenia and Sweden. It assesses the Civil Protection structures of each country, including the level of preparedness and ability to effectively monitor hazards and evaluate potential vulnerabilities. It briefly examines the nature of the risks each country faces, from both natural and technological hazards, and examines in detail the existing Civil Protection procedures at a legislative and administrative level (national, regional and municipal), including an assessment of early-warning systems and disaster management capacities. It was undertaken in the context of the second focus area of South Eastern Europe Disaster Risk Mitigation and Adaptation Programme (SEEDRMAP), in 2008.