Structure for revised Shelter after Disaster guidelines

This session was a discussion of the contents structure of the revision of 'Shelter After Disaster - Guidelines for Assistance' (D1 in the Shelter Centre programme), which will be undertaken by UN/OCHA and Shelter Centre 2006 - 2008.

Shelter Meeting participant organisations constitute the primary audience for the guidelines. Wider representation at the Meeting is sought from Southern stakeholders and IFIs. Organisations and representatives wishing to attend Shelter Meeting should email

Return to the SM05b agenda to view the scope of the revision of the guidelines proposed by Shelter Meeting participants, presented in the previous session.


Summarised below is the contents structure for the revised 'Shelter After Disaster - Guidelines for Assistance', as proposed by the participants of Shelter Meeting 05b. This proposed structure will be reviewed and revised by the working group and at later Shelter Meetings.

Part 1

1.1 intro/context (conflict reconstruction)
1.2 objectives of document
1.3 principles

Part 2

2.1 stakeholders engagement at all levels (national/local)
2.2 link of shelter sectoral strategy with national/regional/local cross-sectoral response strategy
2.3 impact and needs assessment monitoring and evaluation
2.4 critical path analysis/SWOT/COT
2.5 rationale (situation specific guidelines and standards)
2.6 effect based planning/implementation plan

Part 3

3.1 implementation options
3.2 emergency shelter and reconstruction link

Part 4

4.1 disaster-based specific shelter responses