Strengthening the humanity in humanitarian action in the work of the WASH sector in the Rohingya response; Gender, GBV and inclusion audit of the work of the WASH sector and capacity development assessment - recommendations for WASH sector roadmap

The purpose of the recommendations for the roadmap is to provide direction for the WASH sector to strengthen the focus on the humanity in their work in the Rohingya humanitarian response. This means strengthening the focus on the needs and priorities of girls, women, boys and men, including young children, older people, people with disabilities and people facing additional vulnerabilities or who may be marginalised. This is instead of assuming that all will be able to use standard one-size-fits all solutions, which is often not the case. This is so that all people affected by the response will be all be able to access WASH facilities and practice their WASH needs easily, safely and with dignity and hence contribute to an improved quality of life for everyone.