Shelter & CCCM Needs Analysis & Response Strategy Haiti 2012

This review is intended to further define key operational priorities of the IASC Haiti E-Shelter & CCCM Cluster to help ensure continued multi?level support for the activities of cluster partners throughout 2012. This document should not be viewed as a fully revised cluster strategy but rather an analysis of the changing humanitarian situation to support definition of the agreed cluster priorities for 2012. From 1 September 2011 at the request of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, IOM adopted a coordination role for the Non?Permanent Shelter elements of the former Haiti Shelter Cluster. This activity was combined with the existing IOM lead Haiti CCCM Cluster to form the newly titled IASC Haiti E?Shelter & CCCM Cluster. As a result of this revision, the Cluster Coordination Unit (CCU) of the merged clusters will continue to cover the initial CCCM cluster mandate, as well as providing coordination services to specific shelter related areas of responsibility encompassing all non?permanent shelter activities ? Emergency Shelter, T?Shelter, Progressive Housing, Rental Support initiatives and other alternative shelter solutions. A key activity of the CCU is to ensure effective liaison with other key coordination bodies including GoH representatives and Ministries, the Early Recover Cluster and the WASH Cluster. This liaison serves as the foundation for the continued development of a comprehensive national strategy for assistance and operational programming.