Sector Lecture: Shelter after Disaster, lessons learned from Pakistan, three years after the earthquake

Heiner Gloor of Swiss Solidarity and Shelter Centre delivered the Sector Lecture for SM09a, foucsing on lessons learnt from the Pakistan earthquake in 2005. The key points were as follows:

  1. Despite the aim for streamlining the efforts among humanitarian actors to standardize their approach for assistance in the field of transitional shelter: The approach of transitional shelter has still to be adapted to the social context of the beneficiaries.
  2. Beside the efforts to standardize transitional family shelters: There is a need as well to develop an appropriate and solid winterized community shelter at a reasonable price.
  3. Winterized tents have to be adaptable for summer time. There is a need for improved ventilation during the warmer period of the year. A dark colour of the tent is not useful in summer.
  4. For durable shelter-reconstruction we have to look out for already existing traditional and culturally accepted solutions. If necessary we have to improve and to promote them.

The presentation, text of the speech and examples of construction manuals developed for Pakistan are available for download on this page.