Return and Reconstruction after Conflict

Fifty-two days of intense fighting in July and August 2014, between Israel and Hamas, caused massive loss of life and infrastructure damage reducing entire neighborhoods to rubble throughout the Gaza Strip. The dense urban environment, coupled with Israel’s belief that Hamas was operating in civilian areas, resulted in both military and civilian sites being targeted, causing significant impact on communities, infrastructure and agricultural land. During the conflict, Israeli forces instructed the population of Gaza to evacuate a 3km-wide zone. This area was subjected to heavy bombardment followed by ground operations that caused further destruction to homes, agricultural lands and reservoirs. Families were forced to evacuate and stay with relatives and friends or seek refuge in collective centers, mainly schools. Given the urgency of the evacuation orders, people left their homes with few possessions.CRS provided transitional shelter assistance to 484 families1 in Gaza whose homes were completely destroyed in the conflict. This assistance allowed beneficiaries to return to their neighborhoods to begin rebuilding their homes, while living in an adequate, safe and dignified transitional shelter.