Procurement Tools to De-risk Shelter Construction Works: The Harmonized Construction Contracts Approach

In their presentation, Francois Baillon and Davide Nicolini presented the International Humanitarian Infrastructure Platform (IHIP). The aim of IHIP is to harmonise humanitarian tools to engage the engineering and contractor sector mainly through forms of contract for constructions. 

During the presentation, the audience was asked to answer a series of questions which help the presenters to understand how an organisation can use that tool and how beneficial it can be. The questions discussed are listed below: 

  • Procurement system, how many of them are designed at the local, regional or global level?

  • Would you see a benefit for an harmonized construction contract in the shelter cluster?

  • In your organization do you use a quality management system already?

  • Having harmonized quality indicators shared throughout the sector would be beneficial?


The harmonisation of construction contracts is relevant now because of three main drivers: climate change resilience, more displaced people and the need for more technology. 

IHIP’s proposal is to harmonise humanitarian construction contracts to help de-risk projects.