The overall aim of the meeting (organized jointly by the Bingu Silvergrey Foundation for the Elderly and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN Lilongwe, Malawi, 28-29 November 2007) was to contribute to promoting the empowerment of elderly in Malawi by assessing the dynamics of the ageing process of the Malawian population and its implications for food security, livelihoods, and rural development. The specifi c objectives of the meeting were as follows: ƒ to bring together key national partners working in the area of population ageing; ƒ to discuss the linkages between population ageing and socio-economic development in order to develop a common understanding of determinants and impacts; ƒ to identify challenges and opportunities emanating from population ageing and discuss ways of addressing them through research, policy, community engagement and institutional responses; ƒ based on the above, generate ideas for policy and programmatic action to be implemented by the Government and relevant partner institutions; ƒ to form an informal, needs-based network of practitioners, researchers and communal institutions interested in collaborating on ageing-related issues; ƒ to defi ne priorities for further programmatic and policy work. This report provides an overview of deliberations and recommendations of the meeting.