People's Process in Post-disaster and Post-conflict Recovery and Reconstruction

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This Guideline is an outcome of the deliberations of the workshop. It will serve as a “ready-reckoner” for post-disaster and post-conflict recovery programme implementers. At the same time, it addresses some of the implementation policy issues and provides guidance in the methodologies to be applied. For example Community Action Planning has been practiced by UNHABITAT for nearly two decades, but its application to conflict and disaster recovery situation has not been documented before. This document attempts at presenting the complex process of recovery in a simple and practical manner. We have learned lessons from the past disasters where Governments, development agencies and humanitarian organizations responses were not coherent, causing confusion and delays in recovery. Therefore in anticipation of effectively responding to future disasters, with a firm policy and approach, this guideline is published for the use of all interested stakeholders. Additionally, the intention is to launch the recovery programme from the DAY ONE following a disaster.
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