Partial Self Help Program for the Closure of Collective Centres

In 1999 Serbia still hosted the largest number of displaced persons in Europe: 276, 281 refugees from BiH, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia beside 206, 789 IDPs from Kosovo. Only a small number of refugees have returned home or have resettled in a third country. A great majority (over 65%) expressed their wish to be integrated in Serbia. While the majority of these people reside in private accommodation, 16, 997 more vulnerable persons are accommodated in 192 Collective Centers (CCs) and 1806 in specialized institutions. As CCs were opened as a temporary accommodation, they only meet very basic needs like shelter, food and sanitation. In spite of sometimes very unpleasant living conditions, a lot of residents have not managed to leave the CCs due to a lack of initiative, shortage of opportunities and dependency on external assistance.