Multi-Sector Needs Assessment: Kirkuk City/ Iraq (Care: April 2015)

Kirkuk is a multi-ethnic city located in Kirkuk Governorate, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and at a crossroad between Turkmen towns, Arab farmlands and Kurdish highlands. Suffering from a lack of investment and economic opportunities, the governorate of Kirkuk has also been facing numerous sanitation and public health issues even before the crisis, ranging from lack of garbage collection services, limited connection to the water public network and poor quality of water. Those issues depicted at the governorate level are indicative of the context in Kirkuk city, which has suffered from epidemics and diseases caused by poor sanitation and water quality in the past decade. Kirkuk City faced cholera outbreaks affecting the whole governorate and wider areas in 2007 and 2012.The report focuses on five main assesment objectives.(1) Show priority interventions and sectors of intervention per affected group and gender by interviewing all affected groups and genders (except IDPs in camps). (2) Provide an understanding of underlying factors, to better inform and guide the humanitarian response there. (3) Analyse the severity of needs by providing indicators on (a) quantity and type of aid received, (b) proportion of people in need and/or life-threatening situation, (c) sectorspecific issues. (4) Provide an analysis of needs through gender-specific interviews. (5) Focus on shelter and WaSH using NFI, food and health as proxies and to gain a more comprehensive understanding of needs.