Mozambique - Food Security and Land Governance Factsheet

Fact sheet on food security, access to land and water in Mozambique. Mozambique has a land governance system that allows for strong protection of community-based land rights, community consultation with respect to partnerships with investors, and also secure rights to land for investors. However, the implementation of legislation has been slow and the capacity among state actors is weak. Tensions exist between a government keen on promoting foreign investment and agro-industry and a rural population that is insufficiently aware of and not always able to exercise their legal rights. This is resulting in frequent conflicts between government, investors and communities. Overtime, a support program is put in place, the community land fund (iTC), which assist communities with the delimitation of their land. However, the programme is not present in all provinces. About ten percent of the communities have their rights recorded. Moreover, state agencies involved in land administration and management need to dispose of sufficient capacity to provide appropriate and accessible services to both communities and investors.