Human Rights and Natural Disasters: Operational Guidelines and Field Manual on Human Rights Protection in Situations of Natural Disaster

The Operational Guidelines and their Manual are intended to ensure that disasterrelief and reconstruction efforts are conducted within a framework that protects and furthers human rights. Specifically, the Operational Guidelines aim to: Ensure that human rights principles and protection standards -- including the fundamental principles of non-discrimination and accountability -- are integrated into all disaster response, recovery and reconstruction efforts from the earliest stage possible;Identify relevant measures to ensure that affected persons and their communities are fully consulted and can actively participate in all stages of the disaster response in accordance with their human rights;Complement existing guidelines on humanitarian standards in situations of natural disaster;Provide benchmarks for monitoring and assessing the needs of persons affected by the consequences of natural disasters;Provide a basis for humanitarian actors when entering into dialogue with governments about their obligations to the victims of natural disasters under human rights law.