Guide for the Preparation of Post Disaster Needs Assessments and Recovery Frameworks

Assessments are critical inputs for effective recovery planning. An assessment can document the damages which occurred during a disaster and what it would cost to repair or replace damaged and lost assets. The assessment can provide an opportunity to explore how to return vital assets to functional status based on the needs and priorities of the affected population. The assessment may also suggest how to upgrade and improve upon pre-disaster conditions in order to advance towards the achievement of long-term development goals and reduce the risks of future disasters during the recovery process. This volume introduces the PDNA and the PDNA Process. The toolkit contained in this volume is intended to support the preparation and conduct of a PDNA and the development of a Recovery Frameworks in response to a disaster. The contents were contributed by staff from UN agencies, the European Commission (EC) and the World Bank as part of the implementation of a series of institutional agreements on post-crisis cooperation. Note: This initial version of the guide is a draft for consultation which has not been officially approved by any institution or agency. It will be expanded, improved, and updated continuously through collaboration among UN agencies, the EC and the World Bank based on additional expert input and experiences with PDNA implementation. Comments can be uploaded and revisions downloaded at www. preventionweb. net