#Faith4Rights toolkit

Faith-based organizations manage a huge volume of social and humanitarian work across the globe. There is an inherent risk that such humanitarian assistance is delivered in a discriminatory manner or implies coercion with a view to conversion. Neutrality should be the test and thrust of humanitarian action. Faith actors can of course continue caring for the poor and needy among their own communities. The This #Faith4Rights toolkit contains 18 modules, mirroring each of the commitments on “Faith for Rights”. These modules offer concrete ideas for peer-to-peer learning exercises, for example how to unpack the 18 commitments, share personal stories, search for additional faith-based quotes or provide for inspiring examples of artistic expressions. The annex proposes several cases to debate, which expand the thematic scope, illustrate the intersectionality of the 18 commitments and enhance the skills of faith actors to manage real life situations towards the shared aims of “Faith for Rights”.