Emergency Shelter Assistance in Earthquake-affected Area of Baghlan Province, Afghanistan

The report recorded the SFL responds to the March and April 2002 earthquakes in the Baghlan Province of Afghanistan by providing temporary emergency shelters to affected families. SFL implemented the construction of 5, 000 basic temporary shelters within a period of 4 months. The shelters were dispersed over 6 districts and 76 villages. This project became an opportunity to build capacity in Seismic Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation in the affected communities. Masons and beneficiaries were trained in earthquake mitigation measures incorporated in the emergency shelter design. Affected communities received training in seismic awareness and preparedness through a local NGO that was trained and monitored by SFL. Villages were relocated as a direct result of a seismic vulnerability assessment carried out by a team of seismologists from Earth Consultants International.