Education Bulletin# 25

 140,562 including (56,818 girls/females) beneficiaries have accessed education services through provision of Temporary Learning Centers and school supplies in Sindh and Balochi-stan.
 27 schools (Boys:12, Girls: 6, Mix:9) were renovated by Paki-stan Army benefitting 3,042 children in Badin district of Sindh.
 Provision of camp school services has helped bring normalcy to 5, 533 affected children (2,078 girls) in Jalozai and Togh Se-rai camps of KP and New Durrani camp in FATA.
 Capacity of Education Cluster’s members is enhanced through access to two workshops on Protecting Education from Attack and DRR held separately in February 2012.
 Online Monkey Survey is being conducted by the Education Cluster to obtain feedback from all members on how the Edu-cation Cluster has been managed so far by location in Islama-bad, Sindh, KP/FATA and Balochistan.