Compendium Transitional learning spaces (TLS) Resilient design and construction in emergencies 2013

Eleven case studies are included in the TLS 2013 that have been implemented in response to flooding, earthquake and conflict. This year’s case studies illustrate different types of child-friendly spaces, such as Early Childhood Development Centres, Community and Child-friendly spaces and Transitional Learning Spaces built to varying degrees of structural complexity, cost and lifespan. In addition, it provides ‘updates’ and ‘lessons learned’ from case studies documented in the 2011 TLS compendium. The case studies equip field practitioners with technical information of field-tested and implemented structures. The collected and standardized information gives rapid access to information that is relevant to decision makers, field practitioners, technical staff (engineers, architects) and local communities to develop emergency specific solutions. To compliment the experiences gained from the field, cost effective suggestions of improvements are marked in blue on the drawings. These improvements should not be understood as a criticism of the built structures, but as knowledge gained form past experiences. Ultimately, the compendium’s objective is to capitalise on the knowledge gained from past emergency responses to strengthen capacity to continuously improve the quality, cost effectiveness and child-friendliness of future TLS projects.