Cities and Flooding Guidebook

Cities and Flooding: A Guide to Integrated Flood Risk Management for the 21st Century and A Summaryfor Policy Makers were researched and written by a team led by Abhas K. Jha (Task Team Leader, TheWorld Bank). Robin Bloch (GHK Consulting) was the Project Manager and Jessica Lamond (Universityof the West of England) the Technical Editor.
This 638 pages document provides comprehensive, forward-looking operationalguidance on how to manage the risk of floods in a rapidly transforming urbanenvironment and changeable climate. The Guide serves as a primer for decisionand policy makers, technical specialists, central, regional and local governmentofficials, and concerned stakeholders in the community sector, civil society andnon-governmental organizations, and the private sector.
The Guide starts with A Summary for Policy Makers which outlines and describesthe key areas which policy makers need to be knowledgeable about to createpolicy directions and an integrated strategic approach for urban flood riskmanagement. The Summary concludes with 12 guiding policy principles forintegrated flood risk management.
The core of the Guide consists of seven chapters, organized as follows:

Chapter 1. Understanding Flood Hazard
Chapter 2. Understanding Flood Impacts
Chapter 3. Integrated Flood Risk Management: Structural Measures
Chapter 4. Integrated Flood Risk Management: Non-Structural Measures
Chapter 5. Evaluating Alternative Flood Risk Management Options: Tools forDecision Makers
Chapter 6. Implementing Integrated Flood Risk Management
Chapter 7. Conclusion: Promoting Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management

The Guide is supported by a website: http: //www. gfdrr. org/gfdrr/urbanfloods. The website aims to form a platform for practitioners for dialog around theGuide's themes and content as well as a vehicle for dissemination of the Guide. The website contains additional resources related to the content of the Guide.