CCCM Case Studies 2016 - 2019: Chapter 1

The Global CCCM Cluster is pleased to share with you the third edition of the CCCM case studies publication, put together by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which co-lead the Global CCCM Cluster for natural disasters and conflict-induced displacement situations respectively.The rising number of large displacements happening concurrently have highlighted the need for the CCCM community to continue to collaborate with key stakeholders and find innovative solutions to these increasingly complex settings. The series of experiences and lessons learnt provided through this publication hopes to provide CCCM practitioners with concrete examples of how CCCM response can be adapted to various contexts supporting the delivery of an efficient and timely response.The case studies discuss initiatives to harmonize activities and working tools among a high number of sites, mentorship programmes, mobile CCCM teams’ activities as well as how the CCCM areabased approach can be operationalised. This will hopefully contribute to our ongoing efforts and global conversation aiming to ensure a coherent CCCM response that promotes accountability, community ownership, durable solutions and strong partnerships with partners and local authorities.