Cash as a shelter response

The speaker presented his research on using cash as a method for supporting transitional settlement response; as an additional method to physical shelter, reconstruction and NFI support.

Excerpts from discussions

NB: The following excerpts are from notes by Shelter Centre volunteer rapporteurs.  The extracts are for general interest and do not necessarily represent the views either of the majority of the participants of the Shelter Meeting, or of Shelter Centre.

"Evaluations of cash projects have been very positive. Giving cash opens up choices for beneficiaries. They are not tied to rebuilding their lives as they were before, for example, a family might choose to take the opportunity to move to a different area."

"There needs a very good monitoring system in place to remedy problems of inequality. One reason I think cash options are neglected is that shelter delivery organisations prefer to be visible, and to use their expertise"

"Inflationary risk is key. The evidence is that it is not a problem at a small scale. Cash does involve a reliquishment of control. Put yourself in their shoes and respect the choices they want to make."