brief note on the roles of the national security council, prime minister's department as national disaster management organisation (ndmo)

The Plan reflects the disaster risk reduction initiatives since creation of the National Disaster Management Committee in 1999 in line with the paradigm shift in disaster management from conventional response and relief to a more comprehensive risk reduction culture. The Plan seeks to address the current disaster risk threats facing the Government and people in the Lao PDR as well as bringing other important issues, such as risk reduction/mitigation, capacity building, climate change adaptation, livelihood security, gender mainstreaming, community empowerment as well as response and recovery management, into a four-year action plan. The plan also will act as a basic guideline for all relevant agencies in strengthening better working relations and enhancing mutual cooperation.
The Government of Lao PDR is committed to the implementation of its risk reduction framework and we congratulate the developers of the National Disaster Management Plan which shall contribute to achieving both the sustainable development goals in the National Socio-Economic Development Plan and the Millennium Development Goals.