Assessments on Clean Water and Sanitation Facilities in Temporary Shelters for Merapi Eruption-affected People

With regards to taking part in disaster management of Merapi Volcano Eruption, USAID through ESP has conducted a quick assessment from May 15-18 to identify problems of clean water, sanitation, solid waste and drainage facilities. The assessment was conducted in large temporary shelters, which accommodates more than 500 people in Magelang and Sleman districts. These two locations will suffer most from the anticipated volcano eruption. On May 17, 2006, 8, 994 people were displaced in Magelang district, while in Sleman, 5, 658 people sought refuge (See table 1 and 2). Assessment was done in 5 temporary shelters in Magelang district, while in Sleman, 3 temporary shelters were assessed.