Agenda, dates and format for Shelter Meeting

The notes below are a summary of the session made by Shelter Centre rapporteurs. They do not represent the final dates or topics for the upcoming Shelter Meeting 06b: once confirmed, details concerning dates, venue and agenda will be made available in the next meetingarea of this website in the coming months. Participants will also be notified through the Shelter Meeting email newsletter.

Organisations wishing to participate for the first time, should email with details of their organisation and its interests.


Dates for Shelter Meeting 06b

Thursday and Friday 16th and 17th November 2006, preceded by Shelter Training at the beginning of the week.

Should these dates not be possible, for any reason, the fallback dates are Thursday and Friday 9th and 10th November 2006.


Topics of interest proposed by Meeting participants for Shelter Meeting 06b, in the order proposed

  1. update on shareware software for GIS mapping
  2. ‘Shelter after Disaster: Guidelines for Assistance’ revision update
  3. updates on ongoing emergencies, such as Darfur and Pakistan
  4. a presentation by a Southern government representative on their priorities
  5. a report on a field evaluation of the IASC cluster initiative
  6. half a day on earthquake engineering
  7. half a day on Pakistan, exploring different themes in different presentations


Format suggestions for Shelter Meeting 06b, in the order that the suggestions were made

  1. half a day practical technical focus
  2. empty slots should be accommodated in the agenda to allow for the popular discussions of the day to continue
  3. though welcoming Southern government representation, participants would also like to see local NGO/CBO representation
  4. an extended session on one particular disaster, or on one issue, such as in-situ re-construction
  5. topics on one theme, such as reconstruction, and then have a different theme for every subsequent Meeting
  6. two types of Meeting, one to accommodate policy, another to accommodate technical/shelter NFI requirements
  7. longer coffee breaks allow more chance to network