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Content Type: Resource
Date: Nov 2011
Location: India

Mrs. Sarah Ernst from Architecture Sans Frontières (ASF) presented the draft version of the guide "Reducing RIsk and Promoting Sustainability", with a case study of...

Content Type: Resource

Mrs. Ela Serdaroglu presented the recent IFRC Publication "Transitional shelters - 8 designs".

The definition for transitional...

Content Type: Resource
Date: May 2013
Location: Haiti

This presentation covered topics including:1. Repair and retrofitting of 25,000 homes by humanitarian agencies.2. Reconstruction of 7,100 homes3. Repair and retrofitting of 50,000 homes by...

Content Type: Resource
Date: Jun 2012
Location: Madagascar, Haiti

Presentation on design and practice in emergencies within Madagascar and Haiti by UNICEF. 

Content Type: Resource
Date: Nov 2008

This presentation covered topics including-

1. Alternatives to camps

2. Guidance in profiling internally displaced persons

3. Reasons for refugees coming to urban areas

Content Type: Resource

 This presentation covered topics including-

1. Responsibilities of the emergency shelter cluster with regard to standards and policies.

2. Building response capacity


Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): UNOCHA
Date: Feb 2011

Welcome address of Mr. Rudolf Müller - Chief, Emergency Services Branch, OCHA Geneva.

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): Shelter Centre
Date: Dec 2010

This presentation, given by Joanna Read, Shelter Centre, summarised the field trip undertaken in November 2010 to Pakistan to evaluate Transitional Shelters built following the Kashmir earthquake...

Content Type: Resource
Publisher(s): CHF
Date: Jul 2008

Jeffery Dougherty, CHF, presented the approach taken by CHF to transitional shelters in Yogyakarta, their reasons for using transitional shelters and the production processes involved. CHF...

Content Type: Resource

This presentations presents the needs, goals, and the future of transitional shelter.