Understanding Community Resilience After Conflict and Disaster

The "Understanding Community Resilience After Conflict and Disaster" Collection aims to create a better understanding around community resilience after conflict and disaster. The areas covered range from, environmental risks and sustainability, community resilience, disaster risk management, private sector engagement, urban disasters and redevelopment, coping with floods, disease management, environmental sustainability, and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in the education sector. These resources compile knowledge on a variety of sources, mainly South East Asia and South Asia, but also Latin American countries such as Haiti.

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Community Resilience in Pakistan

The "Community Resilience in Pakistan" Collection compiles documents related to strategies, techniques, and best practices on community resilience in Pakistan. This collection addresses among others the vital role of information and communication technologies intervention and resilient communities with the help of a case study carried out in Pakistan; analyze/ compare /and address the vulnerability of communities to environmental risks in three districts of Nepal with communities in three districts of Pakistan; the impact of community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM) a case study of Pakistan… 


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