Shelter Meeting 13a


Shelter Meeting is a bi-annual event in which agencies and individuals can share, peer review and prioritise sector project activities. It is an opportunity to share pragmatic and technical learnings and support consensus on policy, standards, specifications and operating procedures. It is a non-partisan, non-judgmental forum to discuss the successes and challenges presented in the shelter and settlement field, by humanitarian actors from all sectors. 

Shelter Centre welcomes participants from all governments, donors, NGOs, members of the Red Cross Movement, International Organisations and UN bodies, independent humanitarian shelter specialists, not-for-profit academic and independent research bodies, think tanks and professional bodies.

SM13a was co-hosted by UN-Habitat and Habitat for Humanity International.

SM13a had 69 participants attending in-person and 47 participants registered online, representing 68 organisations. Presenters joined us online from Thailand to South Sudan to the United States.  

Theme of SM13a: Shelter & Settlement Reconstruction and Recovery from Day 1

Whilst life saving interventions are underway following a disaster, it is said that reconstruction starts on day 1. Whether this is the activities of the affected population, or relief and recovery decisions which later affect reconstruction, or interventions which lead to creating a platform for reconstruction – how are humanitarian shelter actors supporting this process.

Shelter Meeting 13a aim was to explore and highlight initiatives, good practice projects and guidance which promote recovery and reconstruction from day 1; as well as discuss the challenges we face in doing so. We have welcomed the shelter sector and other humanitarian actors to present their ideas and experiences towards informing future disaster response and highlighting the need for further resources, research and tools to do this more effectively.



Individual presentations can be downloaded through links below. Agenda is also available for download as pdf


Day 1 Shelter Meeting 13a Thursday 25th April 2013
08:45 Arrival and coffee  
09:00 Welcome, agenda, and introduction Shelter Centre
09:10 Welcome address (UN-Habitat & Habitat for Humanity International)
09:20 Presentation Shelter Projects 2011-2012; DRR / Building Safer Esteban Leon (UN-Habitat)
09:30 Looking Back at Reconstruction & DRR in Housing


Theo Schilderman & Jelly Moring (Building & Social Housing Foundation)
10:00 Shelter and Settlement Impact Evaluation Tool Oyvind Nordlie (UN-Habitat)

Philip Barritt (Care International)

10:20 Questions & Answers  
10:40 Introduction to breakout groups


11:00 Coffee break / Break out Sign-up  


- What we learn from Case Studies

- Evaluating Impacts of Shelter Responses

- HLP issues when sheltering people

- Shelter & Settlement Recovery Work


Feedback & Conclusion

5 minute presentations from each breakout group

Victoria Maynard (Habitat for Humanity)
12:35 Mobile Data Collection for Shelter + NOMAD event Audrey Lessard-Fontaine (CartONG)
12:50 What do we mean by recovery? Victoria Maynard (Habitat for Humanity)
13:00 Lunch  
14:00 State of Transition: Building Shelters in South Soudan  Abbas Khan (Global Communities (formerly CHF International)) 
14:15 Safe Shelter Awareness; The One Room Shelter Asad Sattar (IFRC & Red Crescent Societies, Pakistan Delegation)
14:45 Plastic Sheeting Test Results; Oxfam / Solent University Research Gordon Browne (Southampton Solent University)
14:55 Haiti; Fast Local Production of Durable Shelters Kurt Rhyner (EcoSur Network)
15:10  Energy Efficiency & Post Disaster Shelter Kelly (ProAct Network) Adele Billups & Margaret Ledyard-Marks (American University)
15:30 Coffee break  
16:00 Housing, Land and Property in Shelter Responses Szilard Fricska (UN-HABITAT / Global HLP Area of Responsibility) 
16:15 Multi Occupancy Shelter Approach  Jemma Houston (Shelter and Construction) Charles Parrick (Oxford Brookes)
16:30 Communities' Perspectives; post disaster reconstruction & change  Jennifer D Barenstein (World Habitat Research Centre)
17:00 FATA: Federally Administered Tribal Area, Pakistan Shah Jehan (REPID Rural Empowerment & Institutional Development)
17:15 Plenary: The community  
17:30 STOP  
18:00 Aperitif until 19:00  
19:00 Shelter Meeting dinner: Bains des Paquis  


Day2 Shelter Meeting 13a Friday 26th April 2013
09:00 Arrival and coffee  

CCCM Cluster Presentation

CCCM Shelter Cluster Pakistan

Nuno Nunes & Tya Maskun (IOM)

Maria Moita (IOM)

09:35 CLUSTER REVIEW UPDATE / PROJECT REVIEWS - SHELTER Mike Meaney (Habitat for Humanity
09:45 Jordon Update; NRC Shelter Jeroen Quanjer (NRC)
09:55 "Speedkits" Cecilia Braedt & Vincent Virgo (Red Cross)
10:10 Visual Information in Disaster and Post Disaster Situations - Innovations in Coordination. Christopher Hepp (APDER)
10:25 The Shelter & Settlement Library Ryan Matthews 
10:35 The Library, The Meeting and The Training Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre
10:50 Questions & Answers  
11:00 Coffee break
11:15 How-to Guide; Managing Post Disaster Re-construction Projects Seki Hirano (CRS)
11:30 Prototype Shelters for DRR programme in Afghanistan Rob Fielding (Independent Architect)
12:00 Seismic Retrofit of Buildings Program; Haiti and elsewhere Gordon Goodell
12:30 Mobile Data Collection for School Infrastructure solutions Simon Devine (Education For All)
12:45 Transitional Shelter to Permanent Housing; Peru & Chile. Elizabeth Wagemann (Cambridge University; Architecture Dept.)
13:00 Lunch  
14:00  Haiti; 3 Years On Esteban Leon + Maggie Stevenson (UN Habitat)


- Humanitarian National Capacity Building & Training

- Breakout 2

- Breakout 3

- Breakout 4


Feedback & Conclusion

5 minute presentations from each breakout group


Presentation Shelters for Tuareg Refugees in Burkina Faso


Cecilia Braedt & Vincent Virgo (Red Cross)
16:00 Coffee break  
16:15 PET Blocks Matthew Jelacic (University of Colorado Boulder/

Sustainable Post-disaster Reconstruction

CCCM Event

UK Shelter Forum: Update and next steps

Opportunities for academic partnerships: Univ. College London

Jennifer Duyne Barenstein

Sam Perkins

Victoria Maynard



Video conferencing

Participants could attend the Meeting interactively or present from around the world using video conferencing. This service is free and requires no download, using Cisco Systems WebEx.



SM13a was held at Maison Internationale de L'Environment, 7 Rue de Balexert, 1219 Vernier, Geneva, SWITZERLAND.




The Shelter Meeting Team

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