Shelter Meeting 11a


Shelter Meeting 11a, themed 'Agreeing a Recovery Plan', took place on 12th and 13th May 2011 in Geneva, hosted by UNDP and funded by DFID.

   The Next Shelter Meeting is scheduled for November, 2011.


Shelter Meeting 11a was attended by representatives from four United Nations bodies, three Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, as well as the leading International NGOs and independent consultants. Also in attendence were three leads of IASC Clusters, who offered personally updates on progress within their clusters, with two further leads sending their apologies.



Remote participation was strong, in addition to those present in Geneva, with 16 attendees from 10  different countries including: 


The Netherlands

The United States


Videoconferencing during the Advisory  Group Meeting on CORE Training in South East Asia allowed for participation from Bangkok and India.

Thursday’s highlights included a keynote address by  UNDPs Kamal Kishore and a break-out group session led by Graham Saunders (IFRC), who spoke about regulatory barriers to meeting post-disaster shelter and settlement needs.  The discussion which followed drew upon personal field experience and case-studies. Presentations to the plenary resulted in productive and creative solutions to overcome regulatory barriers.

Friday's presenations continued to follow the SM11a theme of “Agreeing a  Recovery Plan,”  featuring presentations on included those led  by the Hossein Kalali and Angela Arenas. The UNDP representatives spoke about  Community Level Infrastructure and Pre-disaster Recovery  Planning, respectively.  These presentations were followed by constructive break out group discussions.

Isabelle  Demuyser-Boucher, representing UN/OCHA, made  an  announcement on the Timber Guidelines publication,  and  David Sacca and Vidar Glette gave a substantive and  well-recieved presentation on handicapped accessibility in  emergency and post-disaster situations.  

Shelter Meeting 11a Agenda and Downloadable Presentations  

Day 1, Shelter Meeting 11a, Thursday 12th of May 2011
13:15    Arrival and Coffee 
14:15   Welcome, agenda & introduction - Tom Corsellis, Shelter Centre
14:30 Welcome address - Kamal Kishore, UNDP
14:45 A pilot transitional shelter for north-east Afghanistan - Mark Wooding, Medair
15:00   CENDEP update: Shelter Learning - Charles Parrack, CENDEP
15:10   Shelter Research Unit Documentation Effort Update - Jeroene Quanjer and Kaat Boon, Benelux Red Cross
15:25  Progress in developing a common global humanitarian technical library - Emanuel Souvairan, Shelter Centre
15:35   Coffee Break
16:00 Community Integrated Approach in Transitional Shelter Programming - Nuno Nunes, IOM
16:10 Introduction to the afternoon session: Regulatory barriers to meeting post disaster shelter & settlement needs - What are the problems, what can be done - Graham Saunders, IFRC
16:15 Break-out groups: Discussion around regolatory barriers as well as creative solutions developed to overcome such barriers - led by  Graham Saunders, IFRC
17:00 Feedback - moderated by Graham Saunders, IFRC
17:25 End of day 


Day 2, Shelter Meeting 11a, Friday 13th of May 2011
09:00 Arrival and coffee
09:10 Regional Humanitarian Capacity Building Workshops - Alistair Hung, Shelter Centre
09:45 1st Europe & Central Asia Housing Forum, and announce of the upcoming 3rd Asia Pacific Housing Forum - Robin Black, Habitat for Humanity
10:05 Community Level Infrastructure - Hossein Kalali, UNDP 
10:35 Timber Guidelines - Isabelle Demuyser-Boucher, UN/OCHA 
10:50 Environmental Accountability (in NRC Core Activities) - Øyvind Nordlie, NRC 
11:00 Coffe Break
11:30 Updates from the CCCM, Early Recovery, Protection, Shelter ans WASH Clusters - Cluster Leads
  Early Recovery - Ivan Draganic, UNDP
  Camp Co-ordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM) - Nuno Nuses, IOM
  Emergency Shelter - Saijad Malik, UNHCR
11:50 The Sphere Project Update - Martin Fisher, The Sphere Project
11:55 Cooking & Shelter: how can we do it better? - Charles Kelly & Erin Patrick 
12:00 Emergency Shelter, Transitional Shelter, Sheltering: finding definitions - Simone Van Dijk, Eindhoven University of Technology
12:05 Transitional Shelter Guidelines and Consultation (followed by a Q&A Session) - Nuno Nunes, IOM & Joanna Read, Shelter Centre
12:15 Standardising M&E for Disaster Recovery with Satellite Technology - MIchael Ramage, ReBuilDD
12:30 Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning - Angela Arenas, UNDP
12:45 Plenary Introduction: Breakout Groups - Hossein Kalali, UNDP
13:00 Lunch 
14:05 Breakout Groups - Agreeing a recovery plan
  Structure of the plan
  Capacity building
  Disaster sensitive building codes
  Needs assesent
14:45 Feedback - 5 minutes presentations from breakout groups 
15:10 Conclusions
15:30 Coffee Break 
16:00 Recovery Planning - Lee Malany, USAID
16:15 Manual about accessibility in emergency and post diaster situations - David Sacca & Vidar Glette, Independent
16:45 CARE Update - Lizzie Babister, CARE
16:50 Transitional Tent Concept - Harry Crofton, Shelter Centre
17:00 Literature Review for "Shelter After Disaster" - Andrew Cusack, Shelter Centre
17:20 Humanitarian Yellow Pages - Joseph Oliveros & RIchard Quaderer
17:30 Good Practice Guidelines for Safer, More Sustainable Construction - Sarah Ernst, ASF
17:45 End of day



Oyvind Nordlie, NRC

Jim Kennedy, Independent

Charles Parrack, CENDEP, Oxford Brookes University

Aynur Kadihasanoglu, Non-Profit

Simone van Dijk, Eindhoven Technical University

Lokuju Peter, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW)

Robin Black, Habitat for Humanity

Mark Wooding, Medair

Martijn Dalhuijsen, IASC

David Sacca, Independent

Elizabeth Palmer, UNHCR

Joseph Ashmore, Independent

Brenda Coughlan, DFID

Laura Heykoop, Habitat for Humanity International

Takuya Ono, IOM Haiti

Vidar Glette, Independent

Alexander Angermaier, Caritas Switzerland

M.G.D.N. Cox, Eindhoven University of Technology

Tim Haas, Eindhoven University of Technology

Blezel Laetitia, Handicap International

Shailesh Kataria, RICS Disaster Management Commission

Thomas Whitworth, EWB-UK

Mario Flores, Habitat for Humanity International

Sam Carmalt, Independent

Michael Ramage, University of Cambridge

Roger Dean, Independent

Kristina von Petersdorff, Independent

Mark Hopley, UNHCR

Eleanor French, Independent

Lee Malany, USAID

Graham Saunders, IFRC

Hossein Kalali, UNDP

Isabelle Demuyser-Boucher, UN/OCHA

Joseph Oliveros, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Richard Quaderer, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

Elizabeth Babister, CARE

Charles Kelly, Independent

Sajjad Malik, UNHCR

Ivan Draganic, CWGER

Jeroen Quanjar, Benelux Red Cross

Remote Participants via Webex

Morten Petersen (Kenya)

Kate Houghton (Germany)

Hikaru Kitai (United Kingdom)

Jaques Samson (Canada)

Mohamed Hilmi (USA)

Richard Lorenz (The Netherlands)

Alison Killing (United Kingdom)

Timothy Mutunga (Somalia)

Sarah Ernst (United Kingdom)

Rebecca Ridgway (United Kingdom)

Jean-Samuel Coste (Switzerland)

Coen Wan den Brand (The Netherlands)

Gareth Lewis (Haiti)

Sandra Sudhoff (France)

Andrew Lamb (United Kingdom)