Qatar Charity Provides food aid for Syrian refugees and IDPs

Qatar Charity (QC), with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, has embarked on implementing the Iftar project to benefit Syrian refugees in Turkey, the members of the host community, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) living in Azaz’s camps in northern Syria. Some 140,000 people are expected to benefit from the project during this month.In Turkey, ready-to-eat Iftar meals are distributed to the Syrian refugees. Some 94,000 people are expected to be the beneficiaries of the project. In Turkey, the Iftar meals are distributed, in cooperation with many municipalities such as Uskudar Municipality in Istanbul, Shahinbey Municipality in Gaziantep, and Shanliurfa Municipality. Each municipality is expected to distribute nearly 1,000 meals per day to the elderly and orphans belonging to both Syrian refugees and the host community of Turkey.High-quality iftar meals are prepared and packaged at the municipal kitchens, taking into account the safety and health of the beneficiaries. In Syria, the project aims to benefit 1,500 IDPs of Azaz’s camps in the countryside of Aleppo every day throughout the holy month. Abu Ahmad, an IDP, thanked Qatar Charity for providing the iftar meals that contributed to alleviating the suffering of the IDPs.