Qatar Charity provides clean water to thousands of Somali families

 As part of its continuing efforts to confront drought in Somalia, and in response to the urgent relief appeal "Stop Somalia's Famine", Qatar Charity managed to build an artesian well in the village of Mirdif in the state of Hirshabelle in southern Somalia, which is expected to benefit more than 5,000 families from the village's residents and communities in the villages. Other remote areas are deprived by drought and the absence of basic services.A deep well was dug with the installation of an electric submersible pump, a high-water tank, and a basin for watering animals, to contribute to the stability of the village's residents and the return of families who were displaced from the village in search of water due to the drought that hits most of the Somali regions.This comes within the framework of Qatar Charity's efforts to enable poor and drought-affected communities to obtain safe drinking water sources in their areas of origin, at a time when at least 90 percent of water sources throughout Somalia have dried up.big effectThe project made a huge difference in the lives of the residents before digging the well, as life returned to normal in the village and the neighboring villages, especially in alleviating the suffering of the children who were trying to search for water on dangerous journeys.And the spokesman for the Directorate of Warsheikh, Mr. Abdullah Awlo, expressed his thanks to the Qatari peoples for their generous support for the construction of this well, and Qatar Charity for its efforts in Somalia, especially in the state of Hirshabeli, and said, "This well has special importance for the residents of the village and the nearby pastoral gatherings, as the nearest A water station for the village was 60 km away.For his part, Mr. Abdullah Yardi, one of the village notables, spoke about the suffering of the people of the area and said, “We could not use the water for all our purposes, and the livestock died because of thirst, but today, after digging the well, the residents forgot their suffering".It is worth noting that during 2022, Qatar Charity implemented 37 water projects in all Somali regions, focusing on population centers in remote villages deprived of basic services.Stop the famine in SomaliaQatar Charity had launched an urgent response call to confront the drought in Somalia under the slogan "Stop Somalia's Famine" and provide urgent aid and provide the necessary needs to those affected by the impact of the drought.The campaign focuses on the vital areas of food and non-food items, in addition to providing safe drinking water.