Qatar Charity delivers relief aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s Arsal

 Qatar Charity (QC) has distributed winter and relief aid to Syrian refugees in Arsal, Lebanon to meet their urgent needs and alleviate their suffering, given the problematic humanitarian situation faced by the refugees. The aid comes as part of Qatar Charity’s ongoing “Qatar Relief Convoys” drive. The first consignment of aid, which is distributed in Arsal, in cooperation with the Islamic Medical Association, aims to meet the needs of more than 2,700 families, with approximately 13, 500individuals. The 9 trucks of aid have 2,700 relief items, including basic food and other things. This aid comes in response to the urgent humanitarian needs of the Syrian refugees in the camps of Arsal to lessen their plight, which was multiplied by the bitter cold, rain and snow. The relief drive, which includes 200 convoys, set off from the Turkish-Syrian border to meet the essential needs of internally displaced Syrians and Syrian refugees in Turkey. Then, it arrived in Jordan where it implemented its second phase, distributing winter aid to Syrian and Palestinian refugees and needy Jordanian families affected by the coronavirus. Finally, it reached the Syrian refugee camps in Arsal to implement the third phase of the relief aid distribution. The ‘Qatar Relief Conveys’, which comes as part of Qatar Charity’s “Warmth and Peace” campaign, will continue to deliver aid until March. It aims to provide aid worth QR 20 million to 120,000 refugees and displaced persons