Qatar Charity delivers relief aid to Ethiopian refugees in Sudan

Continuing its efforts to frequently deliver humanitarian assistance to the Ethiopian refugees in Sudan, Qatar Charity (QC) provided aid to the refugees in the Al-Tanideba camp to lessen their hardship, especially in the severe winter. The concerned Sudanese authorities praised Qatar Charity's support extended to the Ethiopian refugees who fled the conflict in the Tigray Region in search of safe-havens. The aid included 600 tents, The other 1,500 tents are expected to be distributed in the Al-Tanideba camp soon and deliver food aid to the refugees. Abdul Hafeez Muhammad Khalil, director of the Refugee Housing in Gadaref, said that Qatar Charity has been at the forefront of supporting the refugees since their massive displacement and crossing into the Sudanese territories, indicating that its support would continue in the coming period. Many Ethiopian refugees thanked Qatar Charity for its continued support for them. Qatar  charity has previously carried out the first relief intervention to shelter Ethiopian refugees fleeing the conflict in the Tigray region to Sudan. It provided 100 tents and 2,600 blankets for the refugees in the Umm Rakobeh camp on Sudan's eastern borders in the early days of the refugee wave.Some 800 people crossed from Ethiopia’s Tigray region into eastern Sudan in just the first few days of the new year. Since early November, more than 56,000 Ethiopian refugees have fled to neighboring Sudan.Qatar Charity has already carried out many relief interventions in Sudan, including the relief effort it made during the worst flood in a century.