Qatar Charity and Banader Health Department sign a memorandum of understanding

 Qatar Charity signed a memorandum of understanding with the Health Department in the Banadir region in Somalia to cooperate and coordinate between them to provide and implement health care services in the region, supporting the health sector's efforts to contribute to providing health services to the population of the region.The memorandum of understanding was signed in the presence of many officials from the Qatar Charity office and health departments in the region, where Mr. Abdul-Nour Haj Ali Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity's office in Somalia, signed on behalf of Qatar Charity. In contrast, Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, Director of the Banadir Health Department, signed on behalf of the Health Department.Important support:The memorandum aims to enhance joint efforts between the two parties in the health field, provide health services and good nutrition, especially maternal and childcare, strengthen the health system and raise the efficiency of health workers. It also seeks to implement joint action plans to implement joint activities in combating infectious diseases: And the human immunodeficiency virus.Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, Director of the Health Department in Banadir Region, praised the cooperation with Qatar Charity; he said that the agreement contributes positively to helping needy groups that cannot pay the costs of hospitals, expressing his appreciation for Qatar Charity’s efforts to support the Somali community. Necessities of Life:For his part, Abdel Noor Haj Ali Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia, appreciates the importance of the memorandum of understanding in establishing and consolidating partnerships with official authorities in the country.Especially in the health sector and health care, Qatar Charity’s keenness to cooperate with Banadir Region and the concerned units in health, education, water and sanitation, relief, family, and childhood.He said: "Qatar Charity has always been striving to alleviate the suffering of the needy and the poor and to contribute to providing the necessities of a healthy life, food, and care for vulnerable groups within the Somali community in all Somali states, as it is one of the largest organizations working in humanitarian work in Somalia.  He added that Qatar Charity, with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, managed in the past period to build 10 health centers in the Banadir region alone to improve the sector's outputs and capabilities.