Organized by Qatar Fund for development in cooperation with Qatar Charity Participants in the Flexibility Building symposium in Fragile Countries: Knowledge tools are essential for coping with Pandemics shocks and sudden humanitarian hazards.

 Participants in the symposium "Building Resilience in Fragile Countries as a COVID -19 and Beyond: A Qatari Perspective" organized byQatar Fund for Developmentin cooperation with Qatar Charity last Thursday evening agreed on the need to use knowledge tools in facing future risks of crises and how to address them as required especially in fragile societies that cannot cope with epidemic shocks and sudden hazards. The virtual Symposium was held on the sidelines of the United Nations high-level political forum from 8-16 July of 2020 in New York.     The Symposium was an opportunity to present the Qatari vision in facing the risks that threaten the implementation of development plans, which confirmed the necessity of transforming these challenges into an opportunity to reinforce the necessary procedures for rebuilding flexibly in the face of future shocks and helping the international community to create the appropriate ground for the successful implementation of development goals that build the resilience of societies and enable people to survive and ensure a decent life for them. Participated in this Symposium, the Director-General of Qatar Fund for Development His Excellency, Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, and Mrs. Rawda Al-Nuaimi, international partnerships analyst.And from Qatar Charity Mr. Yousuf Ahmad AlKuwari, Chief Executive Officer at Qatar Charity and Director of Relief and International Partnerships Mr. Ahmed Saad Al-Rumaihi.Representatives of the Qatari Red Crescent, StarNetWork, and OCHA, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, also participated in the Symposium.      The Director-General of Qatar Fund for Development, Mr. Khalifa Al-Kuwari, said that with only ten years remaining to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, it is clear that fragility impedes progress.He added, "Our message is clear. If we aspire to see the change in fragile contexts, we must invest in targeted measures that build the resilience of societies and enable the population to survive and thrive."And he confirmed that thanks to the support of strategic partners locally and internationally, these targeted measures have been implemented through many projects in more than fifty countries where efforts have focused on strengthening health, education and economic recovery systems as necessary pillars for building resilience and promoting sustainable development.The Fund was able during the last period to provide a lot of assistance to brotherly and friendly countries to overcome the Corona pandemic, as it was able to assist 24 countries by providing more than 200 tons of medical aid, in addition to financial assistance.   During his participation in the Symposium, the CEO of Qatar Charity, Mr. Yusef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, said that The COVID Crisis-19 is the real test for the international community to act in the interests of global solidarity and ensure that fragile societies have access to the knowledge, tools, and expertise essential to protect themselves from future shocks.Mr. Al-Kuwari confirmed that during the crisis, Qatar Charity directed all 29 field offices around the world to respond to this exceptional circumstance in cooperation with local governments.He added that Qatar Charity provided more than 15 million $ in urgent aid to 20 affected countries.