On the occasion of International Youth Day Qatar Charity: Integrating youth in humanitarian work and community service is one of our priorities

 "Youth engagement for global action" ... is the slogan of the International Youth Day, which the world celebrates on the twelfth of August every year. In this year's celebration, the United Nations sheds light on how youth participation enriched locally, nationally, and internationally, as well as extracting lessons on how to represent Youth and their involvement in the development of society.The International Youth Day provides an opportunity to celebrate and popularize youth and their actions and initiatives.This year's celebration shaped a podcast-style discussion hosted by young people.LocallyBecause Qatar Charity believed in the importance of youth energies in humanitarian and volunteer work, it attached importance to this aspect.And it has made Youth a primary engine in its humanitarian and Volunteer operations to achieve Qatar Vision 2030. Perhaps the most prominent test of youth energies and their role in volunteer work was during the COVID 19 crisis when Qatar Charity launched the "Volunteer for Qatar" initiative by employing the capabilities of volunteers to serve the community.More than 8,000 volunteers participated in this initiative, who played a prominent role in reducing this crisis.In the context of social responsibility during the month of Ramadan, Qatari Youth, in cooperation with Qatar Charity launched an initiative that provided breakfast meals and food baskets for workers and families with limited income.Qatar Charity also launched the "Rescue Mission" initiative, in cooperation with Qatari youth initiatives, as part of the Call of Humanity campaign to address the Corona epidemic.Qatar Charity has adopted several programs that have contributed to employing the capabilities of volunteers and is also working to provide support and assistance for youth volunteer initiatives such as the "Initiatives Challenge" to implement the best community project in Ramadan.Qatar Charity and Qatar University signed a cooperation agreement in 2016 aimed at creating opportunities for young people to experience volunteer work at home and abroad, to create a generation of young people who appreciate and adopt the culture of volunteer work. Internationally Qatar Charity has worked to involve young volunteers, including students, journalists, and activists on social networks.And athletes in humanitarian fieldwork and visiting sites of crises and disasters around the world to learn about the scale of human suffering and provide them with urgent assistance or visit poor communities to learn about the challenges they face and participate in implementing development projects for their benefit.Qatar Charity has enabled influential Youth to visit disaster and crisis sites to contribute to advocating for humanitarian work in several regions of the world, such as Indonesia after the tsunami, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, Gaza, Yemen, and the Syrian-Turkish borders.Radio and television programsQatar Charity has integrated youth volunteers in humanitarian fieldwork through competitive competitions, radio, and television programs. Among these programs are: "One Heart" and "Safari Al Khair," which are a reality TV programs and rely on the challenge to do charitable work and introduce the conditions of some societies, such as Sudan, Yemen, the Turkish-Syrian borders, and Kyrgyzstan, and to provide them with aid.