Migration in the Middle East

Focusing on the issue of migration in the Middle East, this is a collection of practical guidance from leading organisations. The region has been facing ongoing crises for decades. There is a focus on both IDPs and those who have fled their countries.  Please send suggestions for additional content for this Channel to info@humanitarianlibrary.org, or create your own Collection on the Library!

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Refugee, IDP, and Migration Situation in Yemen

This collection provides resources which provide insight into the humanitarian overview in Yemen. There are resources discussing the refugee, migrant, and IDP situation.

Response to the Refugee and Migrants from Venezuela Collection

(EN) Faced with the largest population outflow in Latin America and the Caribbean - LAC of recent years, this Collection presents crucial resources published by organizations participating in the Inter-Angency Mixed Migration Flow Group - GIFMM responding to the needs of millions of refugees and migrants from Venezuela, and host communities in Colombia. This Collection is the first in of its kind focusing on the most pressing humanitrian crisis in LAC. The resources available on this Collection provide practical knowledge to respond to the needs of Venezuelans on the move and securing their social and economic inclusion in the communities reciving them. This Collection focuses on four key areas: direct emergency assistance, protection, socio - economic and cultural integration and strengthening capacity in Colombia. (SP) Frente al mayor flujo migratorio en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) en los últimos años, ésta Colección presenta documentos publicados por organizaciones que participan en el Grupo Inter- Agencial de Flujos Migratorios Mixtos - GIFMM, y que están respondiendo a las necesidades de millones de refugiados y migrantes de Venezuela y comunidades de acogida en Colombia. Esta Colección es la primera de su tipo centrada en una de las crisis humanitarias más apremiantes en ALC. Los recursos disponibles en esta Colección proporcionan conocimientos prácticos para responder a las necesidades de los venezolanos en tránsito y asegurar su inclusión social y económica en las comunidades que los reciben. Ésta Colección se enfoca en cuatro áreas clave: asistencia directa de emergencia, protección, integración socioeconómica y cultural y fortalecimiento de las capacidades en Colombia.

Borno State, Nigeria: Housing, Land and Property (HLP) reports and assessments

This collection contains reports, a needs assessment report, a briefing note and a fact sheet on the humanitarian issues faced by Nigerian IDPs and Returnees in Borno State (North-East Nigeria) linked to Housing, Land and Property (HLP).
Current guidance comes from leading local and global organizations and institutions: Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), Global Shelter Cluster, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), REACH Initiative and UK Aid.
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