Free online courses and training on Cash and Voucher Assistance

 This collection collates free online self paced courses on cash and voucher assistance (CVA) to facilitate learners in strategic programme management, implementation and coordination.This Collection links to the websites of providers of free training. We monitor these links regularly, however if the training providers change their websites, some of these links may not work. All other resources on the Humanitarian Library can be downloaded directly from the Library.

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Cash and Vouchers Assessment Methods During Humanitarian Response

This is collection is related to Cash and Vouchers Assessment Methods during Humanitarian Responses. The collection is an important asset for the management and disbursement of cash and vouchers during emergency situtations. These include guidlines on how to start cash programmes and application of cash and vouchers. Current guidance comes from organizations including: Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN), Save The Children Fund, World Food Programme (WFP). . Please send suggestions for additional content for this Channel to, or create your own Collection on the Library!

Cash-Based Intervention Programmes

This collection offers relevant guidelines to support the management of cash projects in emergencies. According to UNHCR, "a ‘cash-based intervention' is any intervention in which cash or vouchers for goods or services are provided ... either as individuals or as representatives of a community." Current guidance comes from leading organisations: Action Contre La Faim International (ACF), Catholic Relief Services, Global Shelter Cluster, IOM, The Cash Learning Partnership, UNHCR, and the Women’s Refugee Commission. Please send suggestions for additional content for this Collection to, or create your own Collection on the Library. 

Cash Transfer Programming - Humanitarian Assistance

"This collection houses all resources on Cash based interventions in the Humantiarian Logistics Knowledge Base by the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA). The resources are ordered by sub-collections, linked below, by the different perspectives on the topic.
Please be aware that this collection is part of a pilot run for our Knowledge Base in Summer 2019. Contents and functionalities might change at any time. The HLA or Humanitarian Library does not advertise or endorse any specific services. Any discussion or mentioning of specific solutions by commercial and non-commercial entities are for the readers information only.
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