Displacement, Shelter and the Elderly

This Collection provides a set of resources addressing how to best to deal with elderly people in times of displacement in humanitarian emergencies. As proven by mainstream humanitarian literature, shelter and displacement issues are generally dealt with by responding immediately to the urgent needs of those involved. This Collection aims to specifically address the issues of displacenment and shelter in relation to the elderly in emergency situations and make available various coping mechanisms and guidelines for those affected. Resources come from agencies such as HelpAge International, UNHCR, and Ennonline. This collection is a part of a larger channel entitled the Elderly in the Humanitarian Emergencies Channel. 


Collections on this Collection


Protection and the Elderly

This collection is composed of resources dealing with the protection of elderly people during times of crises, disasters, emergencies, and post-disasters. These resources come from partners within the Global Protection Cluster and organizations such as HelpAge International, UNHCR, and Natural Hazards review. They range from practical guidelines for dealing with emergency situations to the psychosocial impact that such experiences have on those in this involved. This collection will be the first of many collections discussing thematic issues and the elderly, and a part of a larger channel housed within the Age Library that deals more generally to the topic of elderly people in times of crisis. 

WASH and the Elderly

The WASH & Elderly Collection is comprised of a set of resources focused on the available water, sanitation and hygiene programs and services for elderly people and those with disabilities within protection situations and limited-income settings. They are published and supported by many organizations including: HelpAge International, WEDC, WaterAid and Sanitation and Hygiene Applied Research for Equity (SHARE). This collection aims to shed a light on how elderly people and those with disabilities are a valuable part of any community, in any situation, but who may necessitate additional guidelines, protocals, and services. This Collection is a part of a broader channel about the elderly in humanitarian situations, and is closely related to the 'WASH and HEALTH Guidelines' Collection.

Health, Food and Nutrition for the Elderly and Disabilities Collection

This collection presents crucial resources, published by HelpAge Internationa, WHO, Trauma Monthly, Humanitarian Practice Network HPN; related to humanitarian responses to the needs of elderly and disabled people in terms of health, food and nutrition. These resources shed the light on the 'invisibility' of the elderly people as a vulnerable category in the humanitarian settings, i.e, there are no sufficient humanitarian responses to their health and nurtrition needs. This collection is interconnectedly associated with Protection and Elderly and WASH and Elderly Collections, which are all housed within the Elderly in the Humanitarian Setting/ Emergencies Channel.