At a ceremony to launch its annual report Qatar Charity reviews its achievements during 2021

 Qatar Charity launched the annual impact report for the year 2021 in cooperation with the Center for Humanitarian Conflict Studies, in the presence of Her Excellency Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser al-Misnad, Minister of Social Development and Family, and His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Muraikhi, Special  Adviser to UN Secretary-General and Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, in addition to a group of ambassadors, representatives of donor agencies, experts, academics and humanitarian workers.This event comes to celebrate the most important achievements made by Qatar Charity and to review the most important challenges it faced during the past year of 2021.praiseIn her speech at the ceremony, Her Excellency Mrs. Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al-Misnad, Minister of Social Development and Family, praised what Qatar Charity has achieved in terms of humanitarian support locally and internationally, and praised the human development efforts that the Society is on its way, adhering to the vision of supporting the Qatari citizen. She said, "Our humanitarian work requires us to be keen on achieving human dignity, as it is a welcome pole in our work that is based on serving him and achieving his prosperity," calling on all humanitarian workers to continue listening and listening to the requirements and aspirations of our local community and the world.She added that with the crowding of conflicts, disasters, crises, waves of displacement, and the effects of climate change that surround the humanitarian community in any direction, Qatar Charity is still racing against time to stop the bleeding of suffering that hits the humanitarian community where it was, pointing out that Qatar Charity during the year 2021 had an active role in responding for these growing needs.After her speech, Her Excellency thanked all the efforts of charitable humanitarian work in the State of Qatar, who continue to work to serve the Qatari citizen and achieve prosperity and growth in line with the Qatar National Vision and its 2030 strategy. Support every human suffering on this earth.humanitarian and development interventionsFor his part, Mr. Yousef Ahmed Al-Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, thanked the Qatari charitable organizations, United Nations agencies, and international and local organizations.He also thanked the Center for Conflict Studies and Humanitarian Action for their generous hosting of this event, and the donors and philanthropists who responded to the call of their needy brothers around the world, which enabled Qatar Charity to implement humanitarian and development interventions worth more than $363 million during 2021, and made it occupy an advanced position. In his speech, Al-Kuwari said that Qatar Charity was and is still present in the most difficult protracted and emerging humanitarian crises in Africa and Asia, such as Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, and the Rohingya, and contributed to making a positive change in the lives of 10 million people, including children, women, people with disabilities, the elderly and the vulnerable, without discrimination in 49 countries around the world.Qatar Charity has also remained steadfast in fulfilling its commitments to provide humanitarian and development assistance, provide support, mobilize resources, and build effective partnerships to provide a decent life for all. More on long-term projects to make a lasting change in people's lives, as it spent 83% of its revenue on long-term interventions to help lift communities out of poverty and preserve their dignity.Human developmentDr. Ahmed bin Muhammad al-Muraikhi, Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Public-Private Partnerships and Islamic Social Finance, expressed his concern over the past two years of a decline in human development, pointing out that the effects of the Corona pandemic continue to impede development while new changes threaten stability. In the future.He pointed out that the devastation caused by floods, fires, rising temperatures, and unprecedented storms shows that we are on the verge of destruction and that armed conflicts mean that more people are suffering than ever before.Report reviewThis was followed by a presentation of the most important achievements of Qatar Charity during the past year (2021) by providing an overview of the most important information and figures included in the annual report, where he stressed that in 2021, Qatar Charity was able to implement projects that saved and changed the lives of 10 million people in 35 countries around the world. Thanks to generous donations from the Qatari community, it was able to allocate $363 million to implement humanitarian and development projects.The report indicated that humanitarian interventions, Qatar Charity responded during the past year to humanitarian crises in more than 30 countries to help victims of floods, earthquakes, hail, displacement, and armed conflicts at an estimated cost of $59 million.The report also noted that Qatar Charity continued its support for the protection of the displaced inside Syria through income-generating projects, building educational and health facilities, and restoration of infrastructure, in addition to protecting Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey by providing food and non-food aid. It also provided basic services to tens of thousands of Afghans in transit in Qatar and provided care and protection for 250 unaccompanied children. In addition, 245 tons of life-saving aid was provided to more than 60,000 displaced people inside Afghanistan at a time when areas in need were difficult to reach.It also did not stop providing support to Rohingya refugees in countries of asylum, as it continued in Malaysia, the implementation of a $15 million project to support the access of more than 80,000 Rohingya refugees to life-saving health services through various health facilities and programs as well as in Bangladesh through the renovation of homes for more than 550 refugee families were provided with life-saving assistance to more than 3,000 refugees. Qatar Charity's projects in Yemen have also benefited 16,000 people by supplying them with potable water.Following the symposium, a panel discussion was held under the title "The Relationship Between Humanitarian Action, Development, and Peace."Mr. Mohammed Ali Al-Ghamdi, Assistant CEO of the Governance and Institutional Development Sector at Qatar Charity, and Mr. Biplov Choudary, Technical Representative and Head of the United Nations Development Program Office, participated in it.Mr. Al-Ghamdi touched on the important and effective role played by Qatar Charity through its programs and initiatives around the world, as well as the difficulties faced by major projects. He also asked about the number of Arab and Islamic organizations that will provide services for humanitarian needs, whether local organizations or transnational organizations such as Qatar Charity.Al-Ghamdi stressed that individual efforts considering the growing global need will not be fruitful in facing humanitarian challenges.He also stressed that the affected communities are the first and main partners of humanitarian organizations in finding the necessary solutions to overcome them, especially in areas of permanent conflict.For his part, Mr. Biplov Choudary stressed that the necessary solutions to humanitarian crises come from the societies themselves to overcome their crises, stressing that peace comes through the availability of development and a humanitarian environment in which the efforts of humanitarian organizations combine. The head of the United Nations Development Program office also thanked Qatar Charity for its efforts in countries suffering from crises and natural and environmental disasters.