For 1444 AH – 2023 Ramadan, Qatar Charity launches ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ campaign

Qatar Charity (QC) has launched the ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ campaign, aiming to benefit nearly 1.9 million people in 41 countries, including Qatar, with a total value of more than 118 million Qatari riyalsThe launch of the 1444 AH – 2023 Ramadan campaign was announced in a press conference held at Qatar Charity’s headquarters. It was participated in by Mr. Ahmad Yousef Fakhroo, CEO’s assistant for the Resources Development and Media sector, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, CEO's assistant for the Programs and Community Development sector, and. Mr. Nawaf al-Hammadi, CEO’s assistant for the international operations and programs sector. Congratulations & ThanksAt the beginning of the press conference, Ahmad Fakhroo extended the heartfelt congratulations and sincere wishes to Qatar’s leadership, government, citizens, and residents on the approaching holy month of Ramadan, praying to Allah to let all reach Ramadan and that peace, harmony, and happiness would prevail everywhere in the world.On behalf of Qatar Charity, he thanked the philanthropists for their continued trust in it, for their support to its project throughout the year, and for generously donating to its previous Ramadan drives.He urged them to support the ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ campaign to reach the expected number of beneficiaries, including the internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, those affected by disasters and crisis, the underprivileged, and those in need worldwide. He also expressed his gratitude to the media, social media influencers, and humanitarian ambassadors for their great role in supporting Qatar Charity’s numerous projects and campaigns and highlighting their humanitarian and development impact.  Mr. Fakhroo noted that Qatar Charity has named the current year drive as ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ to draw attention to the importance of spending the holy month in giving and leaving a mark that will reflect on philanthropists, as blessing here and as a reward hereafter, as well as will positively reflect on the conditions of the needy and the poor. The Ramadan drive includes several seasonal projects, which are ‘Feed the Fasting’ (food packages and Iftar meals and tables), ‘Zakat al-Fitr’, ‘Eid Clothing’, and ‘Eid Gift’ for orphans and children from low-income families.The ‘Ramadan: Leave Your Mark’ campaign aims to deliver assistance to those in a humanitarian situation, sick people, and those in dept, as part of the ‘Alaqraboon’ platform, and implement community and cultural program for the public and special events for volunteers. The campaign will also include radio and TV programs, which will be broadcasted in cooperation with Qatari media or through Qatar Charity’s social media accounts. Ramadan Projects in Qatar  Speaking about Qatar Charity’s Ramadan projects, which will be implemented within Qatar, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, CEO's assistant for the Programs and Community Development sector, said, “nearly 900,000 people are expected to benefit from the Ramadan projects worth approximately QR 87.5 million.” He indicated that the campaign would include seasonal projects for workers, low-income families, orphans, and expatriates, and seeks to deliver assistance to those in debt, widows, and those in a humanitarian situation, the sick, and others through the ‘Alaqraboon’ platform. He noted that many awareness and cultural projects and voluntary initiatives will be implemented. Feed the Fasting’ ProjectsHe explained that the ‘Feed the Fasting’ projects will cover most areas of the country, which are as below: Mobile Iftar for Workers: It includes ready-to-eat meals, which will be distributed to 108,000 workers in their place of residing, with a value of QR 1,818,000.Iftar Tables for the Fasting: Nearly 34 collective iftar tables will be held for workers throughout the month in various locations covering most regions of Qatar. Iftar meals will be provided for the workers, in addition to Ramadan sermons delivered in their languages. The project worth over QR 8 million will be implemented for the benefit of 343,500 people.Mobile Iftar: It will include Iftar snacks for those, who will be at traffic signals and unable to reach home before the Adhaan (call) of the Magribh prayer. Some 60,000 persons are expected to benefit from this QR 540,000 project. Iftar for Expatriates: It is Iftar tables organized, in cooperation with the expatriate communities, to benefit workers and low-income expatriate families. It also includes cultural programs. Some 21,000 people are expected to benefit from the QR 420,000 project. From Home to Home: Meals, prepared by Qatari families, will be distributed to families with limited income. Some 6,000 persons are expected to benefit from the QR 192,000 projectCharity Kitchen: Qatar Charity reserves two kitchens for Ramadan and cooperates with Qatari personalities and volunteers to prepare meals for low-income families. The project is expected to benefit 15,000 people at a cost of QR 480,000. Ramadan Supply: vouchers will be provided tolow-income households, widows, and expatriate families to get Ramadan food supplies before the beginning of the holy month. Some 10,000 families are expected beneficiaries of this QR 2.5 million project.  Ramadan Soqya: Water bottles will be distributed to worshipers in mosques during Ramadan. Some 250,000 persons will be benefited from the QR 65,000 project.Zakat Al-Fitr & Eid Gits Zakat Al-Fitr worth more thanQR 1.1 million is to support 1000 low-income families (74,000 individuals).Eid Gifts for Orphans and Children from Low-Income Families: An amount of money is given, as a gift, to orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity, and to children from low-income families to share the joy of Eid with them. Some 1,800 children are expected to benefit from the QR 720,000  Eid gift projects. Alaqraboon’ AssistanceThis is financial aid to help those in debt, those facing an emergency humanitarian situation, and the sick. Some 10,000  cases are expected to be the beneficiaries of the assistance worth nearly QR 71 million. Cultural Programs & Voluntary InitiativesRegarding cultural projects and Ramadan awareness initiatives, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida explained that there will be a variety of cultural projects and awareness initiatives in Ramadan, noting the important ones as below: Khair Home: This is a challenge between Qatari families to promote humanitarian values and support charitable projects. Each family allocates and designs a corner, as a charitable exhibition, at home, where produced and ready-made materials (sweets and toys) will be sold. The family will invite the relatives and their children to visit the corner and buy the items, in addition to organizing many important activities for them. Then, the profits, made throughout Ramadan, will be allocated to implement a charitable project, chosen by the families, in their memory. Ramadan Box: This box is for children and contains many activities, events, and information about Ramadan, which is presented through educational cards and electronic activities.them.Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida indicated that there will be special events for the volunteers, and the most important of them are: Initiatives Challenge: This is a humanitarian competition between several voluntary initiatives in Ramadan to creatively present the best community program.‘Kullu Mashrook Mabrook’: This event will be participated in by Qatar Charity’s volunteers, who will prepare Iftar meals. This aims to learn about the culture of people related to their Ramadan foods and strengthen collaboration among them. Ramadan Competition: This competition is to increase their knowledge about volunteer work and compete in doing good.Eid Festival for Volunteers: This is an entertainment event on the occasion of the Eid, which will include activities, competitions and gifts in honor of the efforts made by the volunteers during the holy month.At the end of his speech, Fehaida noted that there will be a collective Iftar for orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity, in addition to a variety of entertainment, cultural and educational activities for them. Projects outside Qatar Speaking about the Ramadan projects that will be implemented outside Qatar, Mr. Nawaf al-Hammadi CEO’s assistant for the international operations and programs sector, said that Qatar Charity, through its field offices and local partners, aims to implement the projects in 40 countries and will focus on disaster and crisis-hit countries like Syria, Turkey, Somalia, Bangladesh (including Rohingya refugees), and Palestine. He added that more than 1 million people are expected to benefit from the Ramadan projects worth over QR 31 million. He mentioned that these projects are divided into three main projects:Feed the Fasting: The project consists of either ready-to-eat Iftar meals or essential food packages for a family for the whole month of Ramadan. The project worth nearly QR 21.3 million is expected to benefit 452,400 people. Zakat Al-Ftir: It aims to share the joy of Eid with the underprivileged. The project worth nearly QR 8.2 million is expected to benefit 542,200  people. The Eid Clothing: It aims to share the joy of Eid with orphans. Some 7,065 orphans are expected to benefit from the Eid clothing worth more than QR 1.4 million. Media ProgramsQatar Charity has produced many media programs, which will be broadcasted in cooperation with various media houses. It is working on producing other awareness and Islamic programs, which will be broadcasted through social media.